9th April – Mass of the Lord’s Supper – Minute Meditation

Among Pots & Pans




Videos prepared for the Holy Triduum: The Video above has a fuller explanation – Total time Two and a half minutes (2.5 Min)

Today we celebrate the feast of the Holy Eucharist: “In the Eucharistic sacrifice the whole of creation is presented to the Father through the death & Resurrection of Christ.”  (CCC 1359)  But, Jesus in his magnanimity didn’t want to do it alone,  he takes the corporation of his Church to complete the offering.  How do we cooperate with Jesus? We simply unite our  prayers, works, joys & sufferings of the day with that of Christ’s offering on the Cross. That’s it!!! Yes, even the little insignificant things we do: a phone call or cooking dal,  when done with this  ‘attitude’ takes on a new meaning.

“God Walks among the Pots and pans” St Theresa of Avila

All you need to do is make a little prayer or one in the words below:

 Prayer : Daily Morning: “Jesus I offer you my day.”

During the day at any moment: Jesus I offer you my work, (or) this dish I am preparing (or) my studies etc

Make it a habit.!