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Bouncing Back in Covid Times
………..From ‘Fear’
……………………To ‘Leaning’
…………………………………..To ‘Growing’

Migrants at St Stanislaus – in image

Migrants at St Stanislaus School, Bandra – Caught in images

Through the wonderful Efforts of  Fr Frazer, Fr Felix & Tony Coelho.

Meals Time

Meal time caught on Video 


Using their Free time and some income too – Making Masks

Video of work in Progress

An Input on Health Care – By Dr Namrata 










Keeping the Place Clean 

Daily Movie time 

Prayer intentions in Covid Times 

Prayer intentions in Covid Times 

1. Ever Loving Father, We thank you for the constant love that you shower upon us. In the midst of this Corona virus pandemic and at every moment of our lives, may we place our complete trust in you.
*Response/-* ¬_Ever loving Father, we place our trust in You._

2. Lord Jesus Christ, Our Compassionate Brother, Upon the Cross you bore our weakness and carried our pain, may we follow your example and reach out to all those in need.
*Response/-* _Compassionate Jesus, Make us more like you_

3. Holy Spirit, Sprit of Wisdom and understanding, Enlighten those in authority and all health communities to act swiftly and well to control and eradicate this pandemic that has plagued us.
*Response/-* _Spirit of Wisdom, Enlighten us_

4. Mother Mary Health of the Sick, We ask you to intercede for the peace and healing of all those infected with the Corona virus and comfort those who need your motherly care.
_*Hail Mary … Holy Mary…*¬_

How to keep body, mind and soul Healthy & well

How to keep body, mind and soul Healthy & well:   

(My Summary of the Key points made By the Directors  of W.H.O. & UNICEF on for sermon)

 Stick to a Daily Routine:  Get up and go to sleep at regular times. Get dressed, Exercise. Do the dishes etc.  Now in that daily schedule have the following:

  1. Exercise
    • 30 min for adults and 1 hour for children. – you may need to do it at home
    • Don’t sit in same position for long periods. 3 min break every 30 minutes