Wed, 8th April – Wednesday in Holy Week – Minute Meditation

Destroy the Yeast

The Disciples of Jesus were sent to prepare for the Passover. This included destroying any yeast or leavened bread found in the home,  as yeast was considered a symbol of impurity. As we prepare for Easter let us cleanse our body which is temple of the Holy Spirit of any traces of impurity.

An Exercise: Starting from your head going right down to your toes, see which area is your ‘greatest’ weakness at this moment of time. Pick up just one: Example. Eyes: Seeing things you shouldn’t or Stomach: gluttony and so on. Now, replace that impurity with its opposite: Eyes: Looking out for goodness; Mouth: When you see goodness, mention it… and so on.

Prayer: Lord, Wash away all my evil and make me clean from my sin! (Ps 51:2)