Why do we need God, if we want peace?

Why do we need God, if we want peace?

Peace is first of all an attribute of God before it is a task for us human beings.

Anyone who tries to bring about peace without God is forgetting that we no longer live in paradise but are sinners. Our lack of peace on earth is a sign that the unity between God and mankind has disintegrated. Human history is characterised by violence, divisions, and bloodshed. People

yearn for the peace that they have lost through sin; in doing so, they are silently yearning for God as well. (Docat Que 270)

Lord, make me an

instrument of your

peace. Where there is

hatred, let me sow love;

where there is injury, pardon;

where there is doubt,

faith; where there is despair,

hope; where there is

darkness, light; and where

there is sadness, joy.

On a prayer card printed in 1913